Saturday, 28 July 2012

White Rabbit

In my last post, I spoke to you about the fact that I live in Islington/Dalston, and I absolutely adore this place. There are new restaurants, bars, pop-up shops and cafes opening every day. In the morning on my way to work I would often see a pop-up hairdressers or a cafe, and the vibe is just incredible. Trendy, experimental, innovative, happy Londoners who are very chilled out and friendly surround me every day. Why would I want to go anywhere else?

White Rabbit (what a great name!), is a place where my boyfriend Rob and I had our dinner date yesterday. They opened their doors last week and have been adding incredible things to their menu - yesterday's addition was a Full Spider Crab with home-made mayonnaise and fries. Will you be surprised If I tell you that I was the first to try it? :-)

This gorgeous little sea creature was as delicious as it looks. I was completely covered in crabmeat once I won my fight against this baby.

Amazing all white decor and simple but clean and cosy atmosphere set us in a brilliant mood for a lovely cocktail, which was absolutely delicious. Strong, just the way I like it.

And then came time for some serious eating. You might remember my passion for seafood from The Fish House post, here I indulged indeed.

Smoked Mackerel pate, and Mussels with Clams - my favourite combo. We also snacked on Pork Scratchings. After all that, for the main, Rob had Spare Rib (with a bit of pork belly for more meat) with boston beans and slaw, and i had the Whole Spider Crab. We groaned a little.

This is the fantastic chef who prepared our food. Do you like his moustache? I love it.

We left full, very happy and the bill was under £50!! New local hang out for sure. Find these awesome guys here, their Twitter page and Facebook.

P.S. I did some wall climbing on the way to watch the Olympics opening ceremony :-) will upload a couple of pics for the outfit I had on tomorrow. Have a fantastic sunnshineyday!


  1. OMG I live in Dalston and didn't know! Thank you so much! Sonia xx

  2. Islington/dalston what?

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