Friday, 13 July 2012


What else did we get up to in Mallorca? Well, we spent a lot of time in the water, down under. Not the all cool deep sea diving, but snorkelling and jump diving did it for us just as good. There is something so special about the salty sea waters that make me fee so free.

I could have spent the whole holiday in and under water, but somehow I think that would have been weird.

I would have had to be a fish in another life.

Here are some clumsy snaps of a few adventures;

Diving in the pool wasn't as much fun, but still pretty good for when we got even more lazy.
We took turns in playing with the camera, but below is the best shot I got of my little bro. Cool, huh?

Tell me, do you also love the water?


  1. I wish I had an underwater camera now! Going on holiday soon and your snaps look so awesome!

    Jen XOXO

  2. Your pics are really great! Such a fun time.

  3. Replies
    1. For these pics I used Kodak PlaySport. x

    2. Well the pics look fabulous! xx

    3. They were so much fun to take :-) thank you! xx

  4. Love the last picture! Super cool.

  5. Great underwater shots! I tries to take some shots of the beautiful scenary under the Hawaiian water last year but none of them turned out. I'm not sure I love the water but I sure do love the sound of it!

    1. Oh what a shame.. Shots in the Hawaiian water would have been amazing! x

  6. Nice photo.


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