Monday, 30 April 2012

Big Chill

A very chilled out week end with lovely friends and lots of rain.

Needless to say, we spent our time walking around London with umbrellas. Had fun riding empty(ish) Metro, eating lots of good food and visiting Vintage Fairs. Oh! And art galleries, how could I forget. 

This would have been all much better if not for that Vodka and G&T’s, but hey… I can’t complain. (apparently!)

Converse replaced the glamorous heels. Ah, to hell with trying to stay glamorous in the rain! We'd rather look comfy and cool.

My gorgeous friend listening patiently to some nasty work stories. It made quite a portrait, don't you think?

Who doesn't love a good debate?! I found myself arguing about Damien Hirst quite a lot this week end.

And laughs. We had laughs.

Clothes recycling initiative. This amount of clothing is equivalent to what gets thrown into the landfill every 5 minutes.  It is pretty disturbing, when it is so visually obvious. If you have a minute to spare, you can read about it here.

I was very happy to find this baby of a basket in one of the Vintage shops in Brick Lane. I am genuinely fond of obsessed with them.

Some of the all time - everyone favourite foods were flowing. We moaned and groaned but managed to walk off (otherwise wash it down with poison) most of it.

This mind-blowing seafood risotto is from here.

And then it was time for Cocktails, G&T's, Beers and Vodkas ….

And it all gets blurry from here onwards.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Feed my Soul

Do you know the feeling, when just after rain, the sun has come out... and everything smells so fresh, crisp and new? It was the smell of last Sunday afternoon in London town.

Spring has clearly sprung and it was just warm enough to be out with a jacket, but every now and then when the wind caught my skin it felt slightly cool but so brand-new.

I could not possibly resist, but take my camera out for a play. Didn't bother with make up, only slammed some oversized sunnies on and was OUT.

A girly and unashamed lack of resistance to the pretty presence of spring.

The raindrops still laying around, almost tempting you to drink them. If only I was Thumbelina.

Smooched a cute Citroen...

The silence, sun, fresh air and beautiful spring was my food for soul. Oh indulge, why don't you!

And talking about food. Oh hello.

Food, Marvellous Food. I'm begging you for mercy!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


If you have been following me, you will know, I am a massive foodie. I worship good, delicious, adventurous foods.

So far, I wrote reviews of restaurants serving burgers, phoseafood and moroccan food.

DSTRKT London, is a restaurant/nightclub that serves contemporary European dishes made of local organic foods.

My gorgeous friend and i couldn't help but go for the tasting menu, and this is how it all looked -

The dark neon decor and swanky customers did seem a little too pretentious for me (for a restaurant), but nonetheless, the food was of exceptional quality and service didn't disappoint.

There was also a live band playing from later-on in the evening which I always enjoy.

I do enjoy gourmet food immensely, in fact, I live for it! 

Maldon Rock Oyster with Lemon Air

Yello Fin Tuna Cubes with Soy Air and Avocado Mousse

Grilled Flat Bread Salad with Macadamia Nut Pesto

Saute Padron Peppers

Seared Scottish Scallops, Saffron and Pumpkin Sauce

Grilled British Lamb Cutlets in smoky Eggplant pure and  Piquillo

Maldon Rock Oyster with Lemon Air
Grilled Broccolini with Burrata. Pomegranate, Micro Basil and Garlic.

The receptionist mentioned that we just missed Tulisa that was dining with her friends, which gave me a sigh of relief. I would have had to ask her some awkward questions!

If you like that sort of thing, DSTRKT is a great place for celebration - birthday, Valentine's... or if you're anything like me - Friday!

I had a wonderful evening down to the company, food and champagne cocktails. 

You can have a little read about DSTRKT London here and you can find them here
Tasting menu starts from around £50 per person plus drinks and service.

If you ask me, definitely worth a visit!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Topshop S/S 2012 Lust List

Like billions of other girls around the globe, I do have my lust lists. Guilty as charged!

If you follow me, you will know, that I have been craving summer since.... forever!! With weather being miserable and cold, I keep looking for things to cheer me up, and how shopping isnt one of them?

Below are the few latest obsessions from Tophop.

Is it just me or do I want everything from Topshop?!?!

But I can't just go and buy the whole shop now, can I? So I make nice little lust lists and try to stick to them. (Not!)

Have you got any items you've been obsessing about lately? I'd love to hear from you.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Sunny Days, where art thou?

Ok, so it is official. I ABSOLUTELY and utterly miss summer and everything about it. The smell of it, the SUN, the blue skies and blue water. The late lazy mornings, the crazy days and margarita-washed away nights...  Oh, and wellies and festivals as well.

What I find helps in this situation ( to help ease the withdrawal symptoms of holiday season), is reminiscing of your last year’s holidays and planning new ones. Simples! 

Go through all the pictures of last year’s holiday season, pick the ones that give you the most warm and lovely feeling…  makes you remember even the smell of places and air. It will take you back for a little while, in preperation to new sunny days and the joy of it.

Holidays are obviously included in the ‘oh so missed’ selection.

Tell me, do you also terribly miss the sun?

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