Friday, 13 April 2012

Sunny Days, where art thou?

Ok, so it is official. I ABSOLUTELY and utterly miss summer and everything about it. The smell of it, the SUN, the blue skies and blue water. The late lazy mornings, the crazy days and margarita-washed away nights...  Oh, and wellies and festivals as well.

What I find helps in this situation ( to help ease the withdrawal symptoms of holiday season), is reminiscing of your last year’s holidays and planning new ones. Simples! 

Go through all the pictures of last year’s holiday season, pick the ones that give you the most warm and lovely feeling…  makes you remember even the smell of places and air. It will take you back for a little while, in preperation to new sunny days and the joy of it.

Holidays are obviously included in the ‘oh so missed’ selection.

Tell me, do you also terribly miss the sun?


  1. Great pictures!! I just got a warm holiday vibe :-)

  2. Its coming so soon! I love summer as well (who doesn't?) and I've been replaying those memories in my head lately...bare legs, dresses, morning runs, cool drinks, staying out so late and it being so warm outside...I can't wait for my summer adventures this year!

  3. girl I LOVE you're blog, it's amazing xoxo

    1. Thank you Nicola, that is very sweet. xx


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