Monday, 30 July 2012

My date with London

Good Monday morning my lovely readers!
On Saturday, I attended an engagement party on a boat in Thames (..river in london) and it felt like I saw London at its best. Warm summer evening was perfect for our date.
And this is what I wore. Lovely and very comfy dress from River Island. Similar here
White Wedges - Zara (last year)
Watch - D&G
Sunnies River island
Necklace and ring - Topshop

And London looked very handsome that night;

So what do you think, do we look good together?


  1. I do love the's quite daring! Although I love daring! How is London right now with the Olympics? It's probably incredible difficult to get around!

    1. Thank Laura! It's alright actually, not as bad as I thought it would be. It's quite fun too :-) come visit!! xx

  2. Love how you matched this gorgeous dress with white sandals! Fantastic look. Samantha XOXO

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  4. I love this! x

  5. your dress looks BEAUTIFUL on you! i LOVE river island! super super cute! Hugs from California! xx,
    The Golden Girls

  6. I need this dress!! Sexy look and chic. xx

  7. your dress is just perfect. i really love it!!!!

  8. You look lovely doll and the dress is gorgeous.

    PS. Thank you for your comment on my blog and would love to follow each other if you like. Hope to hear from you soon.

    <3 Marina

  9. Looking beautiful! My favourite look of yours.

    L x

  10. you're stunning, amazing photos xx

  11. Love this outfit!!! Never thought of white shoes in this way. Gorgeous. VF x


Hey! Thank you for your comments, I always appreciate reading them.
Love, Saule.

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