Monday, 16 July 2012


Whilst getting our skin sun-kissed and waists expanded (by delicious tapas) in Mallorca, one day we woke early, rented a smallest little broken car and left for an adventure up the mountains.

My man, my brother, mama and I were really cramped in, but all smiles and songs (didn't find the radio straight away) on our little road trip. Only an hour later we came across this wonderful little village Deià.

Isnt it picturesque? Like a little elf town.
After walks with this beautiful scenery and drive around,  we found a perfect little spot for lunch and decided to stop and fill our bellies with yet more delicious tapas. We also desperately needed a frozen beer.Who said we came here to be healthy?
Once full and merry (not the driver!) we headed for the beach.
Wonderful  getaway.


  1. This place looks wonderful! xx

  2. Your brother is well fit. :))

    1. Haha! Thanks, he will like to hear that you think so. I guess he will wish you weren't an Anonymous commenter ;-)

  3. awww.. I am so jealous right now.
    Thank god I am going to France on Saturday :)


  4. nice post about Deià.. thanks for your post

  5. That dress in the last picture and the view….. I need to get-away, and this place looks idyllic. do you know anything about renting there? XOXO


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