Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Peas with mint

Yesterday, I had a pleasure to lunch at the wonderful Dabbous (pronounced 'da-boo'), named after the chef - Ollie Dabbous.

I must be honest, I was quite shocked at how deliciously decadent but strangely simple at the same time the food and its presentation was. Deep, well matched flavors, filled every bite of each dish. The use of fresh seasonal foods and innovative manner worked perfect together.

I was impressed by refreshingly simple decor. Dark, yet clean metal feel and elegant crockery, was a brilliant choice.

The service was very exceptional. I am not used to four attentive waiters at a time, and found it difficult to not feel overwhelmed.

Bread delivered in a paper bag, French style, was warm home-baked sourdough with seeds and nuts that melted in my mouth. I couldn't stop eating it, which didn't leave space for much else, but I did my best -

Ripe peach in its own juice
And of course we washed it all with this delicious rose. Cheeky, I know. (See how I look embarrassed?) Best Lunch I ever had!

I would very highly recommend trying it this gorgeous place out. Not only because I found the whole experience of food and service outstanding, but because it is also unbelievably affordable. Find them here.

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  1. This looks unbelievable... but I just tried to make a reservation and they have 6 months waiting list... :-(((( How did you get in??

  2. Indeed, they are very busy.
    They have a great bar downstairs, where you don't need a reservation for. If you are willing to give it a chance to go there for a drink not expecting a dinner to be guaranteed, let the staff know that if a table becomes available you'd be interested to take it. They have cancellations or last minute changes just like any other restaurant. You can also follow them on Twitter @DabbousLondon and look out for last minute availability. Hope this helps! x

  3. This looks so delicious! I can almost taste it!!!

    Gem x

  4. Looks great! really would like to try, but honestly 6 months??But YOUR HAIR LOOKS FAB...!!
    Suz xoxo

  5. Everything about the place looks gorgeous! need to check it out next time I am in London! xxx


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