Monday, 28 January 2013

Beyond Retro

Friday turned out to be quite a heavy night. Unexpectedly. (I know, right?) I absolutely love it when you are pleasantly surprised with where the evening takes you. Those nights are the best...

On a Saturday morning Rob and I made some home-made croissants which we washed down with cold freshly squeezed juice to kick-start a day that was going to be a little hazy.
Lazed around in bed till lunchtime.
Luckily, we had a lunch planned at a local favorite Turkish for a huge lunch with a lovely friend, otherwise we never would have got up. After filling ourselves with only the best of Turkish foods, we hopped over to Beyond Retro. I have kept it a secret for a while, but today I am in a great sharing mood, so I will be telling you all about it!
Beyond Retro is a fantastic shop that sells the best pieces of vintage. Clothing, accessories, shoes, homeware... plenty unique pieces. It has great music, cool setting and most importantly - it's own cafe! Sitting down for a hot cup of chocolate after a great shopping? Yes please!!
They have three stores in London; Brick Lane, Soho and Dalston one in Brighton and a few others around Europe. Check out their website here.

I tried on a lot of stuff. Dresses, jackets, more dresses and other interesting difficult to describe pieces. So-much-fun!!!

Only a subtile difference in colour between hot-choc and coffee.
We left with bags full of goodies and bellies full of happiness and strolled back home for a long szooze. zzzzz.....
Did you have a nice week end?


  1. I-am-going-there-today.XO

  2. Is Rob holding your buys? :)) Such a handsome gentleman he is. F xoxox

  3. Why don't they have stores in US? I live in DC and we have plenty of good food places but none for good vintage and retro :(
    Love you blog btw

  4. Love it in there- look at those fur coats! Haha always on my list whenever I visit London :) x

  5. I love having a good search through Beyond Retro, so much fun! xxx

  6. it's great that you had an awesome weekend! love the photos!
    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  7. Ah, I LOVE Beyond Retro - I always try and go whenever I'm in town.

    Home made croissants, wow! Were they hard to make?


    1. Hi Lisa, I bought a ready made dough, so they were super simple!
      Check it out here


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