Friday, 1 February 2013

Oh My Valentine!


Oh dear... You haven't yet thought of what you're getting your loved one? Don't be so harsh on yourself, as I've got you sorted. Below I have selected a few little things for both girls and boys to treat your other half and I can guarantee that one of these treats will earn you lots of brownie points.
Let's begin!

Ladies first:

Every girl I know loves home fragrance and candles. If your dream woman doesn't like this, I will personally chop off my arm. Find a wonderful selection here.

For a classy lady in preparation for spring - what's more perfect than a gorgeous Givenchy bag?
For Americans shop (massive sale!!) here and UK here 

For a girl that adores make-up and beauty products. I have been lusting after these for a while (hint hint!)
Find them here.
For a lady that loves comfort above all else - Red Bailey Charms - she will be happy feet forever.
Shop here.

If your lady is more of a seductress, these Bella babies
will fill her heart with joy.
Kurt Geiger at his best - here.

My all-time favoreite gift for any time of the year - travel experience. A romantic get-away to ... Venice! (or any other deastination of your dreams) This is a fantastic gift for him and her. have a humungus sale for the next 24 hrs, For flights here.

Everyone Loves a Classic - Chocolate! Grab a 'Sealed with a kiss' from here.

This gift is very cute and suitable for both - his and hers mugs. Find them on my rosie lee here.

For Him;

Make him an irresistable breakfast! Everyone knows that food is a quickest way to a man's heart. But I'll forgive you if you didn't. Here for a gorgeous recipe.

For that cool beau of yours, nothing like a timeless leather jacket. It's an absolute staple. All Saints are definitely the best at that. And look at that bow tie! Great and very affordable selection here.

If you don't like the shoes your man is wearing - now is your chance. Get him some stylish trendy kicks, or classy boots, Ofiice is your boy here.

If your boiiii is into
winter sports (skiing, snowboarding) or just likes to look cool, these are a must. I said A-M-U-S-T.
Find a great selection here.

Is your hubby obsessed with cars? Here's how you treat him - Samurai Sword Gear Stick.

If he likes art but you don't have much money to spend, check out Worldgallery for some gorgeous prints.

Finally, all the little goodies you get can be 'wrapped' in a handmade little gift bag. I absolutely love DIY and most people appreciate that kind of effort, so I am pretty sure additional brownie points are hiding here. Instructions I have blogged about before here.


  1. Just had to buy those Uggs for my comfort loving girlfriend. Cheers!

  2. This is a great gift guide!! I'll be sure to show this to my boyfriend and I'm already thinking Oakley sunnies are the way to go for him! :)


  3. Oh no, I love thos mugs and they're already sold out! :-( x

  4. amazing ideas. I love getting getaways as a gift! Even though it happened to me only once( Have a lovely week!
    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  5. Oh lala!!! Would love to get the givenchy bag and the ugg's!
    Im following u now! ^^


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