Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Saulea on Instagram

Hello lovely people! Slap on my wrist for not giving you my instagram update sooner. *slaps her wrist*
As I have mentioned in my previous post, I’ve let my little camera rest for a little while. However, My iPhone was always with me, and y’all know how obsessed snap happy I am! Here are my instagram pictures since the last time. As usual, plenty of food porn, drinks and happy times with the loved ones that just could not be not documented.
Make a cuppa, it's been a while!

Apparently I look like female Russel Brand...?
Thursday, freezing, uncontrollable hair... Nothing unusual then!

So warm

You win some you Dim Sum

Is that enough sushi for 2?

Red wine and girly chats. Perfect Thursday.

Not a trick question: why did I pick JD BBQ sauce?

Good morning!
Some proper food.

London so beautiful #Fall

It's beginning to feel alot like Christmas!

Why happy? Coz it's brunch!

With my handsome.

On our way to Sunday lunch

Guten Morgen!

Check ma nails out yo! Pampered and ready for ma date.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I would kill for Pho

Stumbled upon a cocktail

Really awesome

Ice Ice baby

View from my office terrace today. No filters. Gorgeous day!


Queuing at @meatliquer with my gorgeous @Jappiebomb both snooded brrrr

No burger is too big!

Taking a break from shopping with some bubbly @selfridges


Sunglass hunting

Shot time! @tonteria

The best night out yesterday @Tonteria

The most dancing I've done in centuries!

New arm candy #MichaelKors

Morning with #Starbucks

Breakky in bed

New on the blog #outfit

Sommes-nous encore a Paris?

Bon apetit #steaktartar

Paris Je T'aime

Last stroll, dinner and back to Londres with my love

Partying awayyyy at @Cargo

You are a dancing queen!!

A Paris.

Having the best time ever! @Vortex

And here is something that melts my heart forever

Mulled wine has gone to our heads, but finally, we managed to decorate our little'un and wrap the pressies

Work in progress

Snack in orange

Catching up with some gorgeous ladies

Macarons desertttt

Bubbly lunch with girls

Cocktails al-fresco with St Paul's view

My life <3

Strolling down London at night

Crashing a party with @Jappiebomb

Sun with her flowers @mayfair @oldbbcstudio

Christmas Partying

Merry Christmas

Christmas eating

Merry Christmas!

Drunken Christmas grin


Cinema and take-out kinda night #LifeofPi

Chai tea and brownies with mama @Tibits


Another hadworking dat ay

Wintersports at Somerset house

Cheers London! @NottingHill

Starting with a salad. Outrageously delicious goats cheese based.

SO cold!!!

What have you been up to? Have you made any new years resolutions?
Feel free to leave me a link to your blog, I love being up to date with your latest finds/fashions/foods etc etc.


  1. Great photos, looks likes you've been busy with lots of fun stuff!

    What was that cocktail with petals in? Looked amazing!!


    1. Thanks Lisa! Always trying to have fun, what's the point of it otherwise? :-) It was some sort of lychee/hyacinth bellini. Delish!! xx

  2. I adore these posts, please do them more often!
    Getting an iPhone soon so will be able to follow you on Insta - woooo..!!
    xxxxxxxxxxxx L

  3. Where is your white dress you're wearing next to the 'supportive' sign from? I need one exactly like that.


  4. The first picture is very interesting!! You look gorgeous...

  5. Love you on instsa and have missed you blogging!! glad you're back lady xx

  6. Ahh I love a good instagram post - your life looks so exciting! And I love your hair!


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Love, Saule.

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