Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Vodka Olives

A simple recipe I have decided to share with you, being a Vodka lover.
When I was at the Dodgers Game, the lovely people next to us were munching on some tasty looking olives and salami. I couldn’t resist but ask if I could find it anywhere, being the nosy little thing I am.  The girl turned to me with a cheeky smile and said ‘no, these are homemade vodka olives’. What?

You will need:
1 can/small jar of black olives in water
1 can/small jar of green olives in water
Half a cup of any good Vodka
1Tbs olive oil
1Tbs rosemary
1Tbs oregano
2 garlic cloves chopped

A pinch of chilli flakes
A pinch of salt

Do this:
Wash all your olives well in cold water.
Chuck everything into a bowl and toss all the ingredients well.
Pop into a fridge for a few hours, or better still, overnight to marinate.

Enjoy! These can be quite strong, so don’t eat them all by yourself. Share the love!


  1. OMG I love your blogs, so refreshing. Great pics too. Please keep blogging! xxxx

  2. Saule am so gonna make this!!! xoxo

  3. Such a great recipe! This is one of those things that you never realize how much you love until someone else has it and now I want some as a little appetizer with some drinks, like...tonight! Or now!

  4. Haha! Thanks girls, I really love it. xx

  5. Looks very tasty!

  6. Your blog is WICKED

    Loving all the pics, stunning girl! <--- my lil blog

    Gem :) xxx

  7. Haha!! What an excellent idea!

  8. OMG I love olives-this is such a good idea for something different :)

    Tanesha x

  9. I made this for my friend's party yesterday and everyone LOVED it! Thank you so much for this, I would have never thought of it. x


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