Monday, 11 June 2012

LA Dodgers

If you have been following me, you'll know I have been to California. (San Francisco here, Pacific Coast Highway here, Las Vegas here and Los Angeles here)

Whilst in LA, covered in all appropriate gear, excited like little kids, we entered the world of baseball.

A little bit of background  - LA Dodgers were actually the Brooklyn Dodgers until 1958 when they moved to LA.
They are one of the best known Major League Baseball (MLB) teams in America and baseball is the American national game.

The game four of us went to see, was them playing against the Houston Astros. MLB teams will play at least 162 games in a regular season. That is an awful lot compared to footballers in UK who will play around 40-50 games a season!

Unfortunately, Dodgers started very badly and were quickly 3-0 down. Which is a shame as they have been having a really good season so far. The Dodgers had a chance to get back into the game in the 8th inning with the bases loaded but unfortunately they couldn’t hit the home run that would have won them the game. The Astros held on for a deserved 3-1 win. Oh well, we had all the fun nonetheless.

What I really liked about being part of this game, is that at the beginning of the game, as is custom for all baseball matches, the National Anthem of America was sung. Everyone stood up and with hand on heart listened with respect. It felt very patriotic.

As opposed to being aggressive in football games, people were relaxed and happy, there were loads of families. Everyone happily munched away on Dodger Dawgs and sang and danced where appropriate*. 

During the game, the crowd were kept involved between innings with “Kiss Cam” and “Dance Cam” which would show you on the big screen and wait for you to Kiss or Dance for the camera. During the 7th inning, the traditional “seventh inning stretch” occurred where the crowd stood again and sang “Take me out to the Ball Game” which was written in 1908 and has become the unofficial anthem of baseball. Needless to say, we were screaming our hearts out.

To our absolute joy, because it was a Friday, the game ended with a beautiful firework show… Still, like little kids (and even more so after a few good beers) jumped, aaaahed and oohed … till it all disappeared in the clear sky.

We left tipsy, full bellied, smiling and singing. Root root root for the Doooooodgeeeers…!!!


  1. Love your blog! Hope you will visit mine too! Let me know if you want to follow each other!!

  2. Wow you guys are so cool, Dodgers game. It has always been my dream.

  3. Saule. LA Dodgers Snapback Hats available in Store soon...Free Delivery ;-Keep posted !

    1. Oh how exciting!!! Let me know when they are ready. x

  4. Do you even work? Seems that all you do is leisure.


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