Friday, 22 June 2012

Shrimpy's Burger

Soft shell crab burger, avocado

You might or might not already know that I am just obsessed with food, and there is no denying it. I wouldn't call myself a fabulous cook, but i will say that I know a good burger when I … ahem… bite it. My raves about Meat Liquor got all my friends and acquaintances eating there.

And here I have something different. It is hard to compare it to a regular burger, as it's just simply not.

Ladies and gentlemen, Soft Shell Crab Burger.

After reading a couple of rather negative reviews, I have decided to come and see this place for myslef. I never dine alone, therefore I brought a very fussy french girlie with me. We loved it.

Run by the team behond Bistroteque, Shrimpy's is a tiny new restaurant located in the Kings Cross Filling Station, by the canal. Shame that gorgeous little view can not be enjoyed from the tables outside, but next week a bar is opening next door and those seats will be filled with pre-diners. Find them here.

My gorgeous Frenchie and I ordered a few more things, ya know, just to make sure we don't leave hungry. And hell we didn't! We could hardly finish our food. Indeed, we left 'packed'* and very satisfied.

Camomile Tea Cocktail

Roasted Calamari, Fennel, Tapenade    

Shoestring fries

Humita (Sweetcorn Chowder)  
Very lovely restaurant for a friend's catch up or a 5th date. Very bright and friendly atmosphere and funky decor on the walls create a cheerful atmosphere.

A walk by the canal and girly chats to end the evening. Utterly perfect.

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  1. love everything!

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  2. That burger looks delicious :) x

  3. That looks like a great place and a great meal! Nice blog! I'd love it if you'd visit my blog and maybe we can follow each other if you want?!

  4. My favorite things all begin with f: family, fashion and food! That burger looks so delicious. I love soft shell crab. It looks like a lovely restaurant. I'm now following you blog on Bloglovin.

    <3 Jenny

    1. Hi Jenny, thank you and I totally agree. I live to eat with family while wearing crazy fashion. What about Friends? That's another F I am committed to. x

  5. That place looks incredible! The burger is making my mouth water!!


  6. Kings Cross is so local for me, i am having dinner tonight with friends and will suggest Shrimpy's. Thanks a lot for this!!!

  7. Ooh I read about this somewhere and definitely fancy a visit now! Mmm at the soft shell crab burger- that looks beyond delicious!

    Following your blog now :) Would love you to check out mine!!

  8. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.


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