Sunday, 11 March 2012

My Colour is Mint!

With the fabulous sunshine day today, i was just too excited to wear my favourite colour of all - Mint.

I can actually smell it - the mint in the warm spring air.

After relatively active morning - some yoga and shopping, we have decided to visit the good old Brick Lane and chill there for the afternoon. It was buzzing with people having drinks, lunch, partying or just lounging in the sun.

We were also quite lucky to have found a Hot Dog Bake off just by the Vibe bar, where we indulged into huge, juicy, gooey and absolutely delish Hot Dogs.

I wore;
Jumper - New Look, get it here
High Wasted Skinny Jeans - Jane Norman
Clutch - Asos, get it here 
Sunnies - Ray Ban
Boots - Ted Baker

Please send me links to your summery outfits!


  1. Babe u r gorgeous !! love your style like always !! Sophie

  2. You looked lovely! Great to see you! xx

  3. From the listed items you were wearing, I must assume you had no underwear on....SEXY! Haha....

  4. Thanks for the lovely comment on my 'bottom drawer' post... Tried to tweet you but couldn't see if you had it...x

    1. No worries - I loved it! xx Join me @saulea xxx


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