Tuesday, 6 March 2012

I will go for Pho!!

I have been raving about my addiction to Pho since I came back from Vietnam (trust me, the sun shines there!), and this little place in Shoreditch is an absolute must. Tay-Do.
Very small and simple family restaurant gives a real vibe of Vietnam; with bright green décor and all staff Vietnamese. Most of them hardly speak any English, so you better know your food or bring someone who knows it with you.  Just kidding! Point at anything in the menu and you will be sure to be finger lickin’ happy with it.
As soon as you enter the restaurant, you can smell the fragrant herbs and hear the happy chatter of a busy little Viet lovers crowd. It couldn’t get any more genuine.
What’s also really great about this place, is that it’s BYO (Bring Your Own alcoholic beverages) so you can go as simple or as wild as you like without having to worry about it on your bill afterwards. We usually go for good old Sauvignon Blanc - frosty.

I couldn’t resist and went for Pho. Again!

….. and Fresh Summer Rolls…. A promise to myself; I will make these soon.

Prawn toast with seaweed is usually a great snack

You will find it here. Go! Eat! Enjoy!
After a lovely dinner and a whole bottle of crisp cold wine, we decided to have a stroll down the buzzing streets of Shoreditch. I utterly love it at night. Unexpectedly, we stumbled upon an opening evening of a photography exhibition, where we enjoyed another few (free!) drinks, some great artwork and few fashionistas.

The pop up gallery will be open till Wednesday 25th March, if you’re interested, you can find more information here.

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  1. This is so awesome!!!

  2. love these images, the food looks fantastic!! x

    1. Thank you, that is so sweet!! I am still at a learning curve with my camera, hopefully they will be getting better xx

  3. Is that you in those sexy heels?


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