Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Mamounia Lounge – Knightsbridge

For a perfect Friday night, my man and I had a pleasure to dine at Mamounia Lounge, Knightsbridge.
Situated next door to Harrods, it’s a perfect place to rest your arms from shopping bags and indulge into mouthwateringly delicious and exquisite Lebanese/Moroccan food.
With a ‘clubby’, yet romantic feel to it, the restaurant attracts young-ish crowd.  Dim lights, candles, cocktails and funky music can set your mood well for going out afterwards!

Sambousek Cheese – Pastry stuffed with Halloumi Cheese, Onion and Pine Nuts (V)

Makanek – Home made Lebanese Sausages fried with Lemon Juice.

When it comes to Moroccan Food, we can’t resist but go for most traditional favorites;

Steaming Lamb Tagine

Lamb Tagine

Mixed Grill – Grilled Skewers of Chicken, Lamb and Kafta

Authentic Lamb Tagine with Couscous
 Sweet tooth joys

Selection of Baklawa

Mamounia Lounge has a brilliant selection of fantastic signature cocktails and if you’re a keen smoker, you can have a fragrant shisha at a table outside (even in March!), being warmed by heaters from above.
Along with the wine, we also managed to slurp out quite a few Raspberry Perfections

The staff were exceptionally attentive and welcoming, and we ate ourselves ‘packed’. (My own invented expression for ‘stuffed’)
When everything was slightly blurry and we realized that we were almost last to leave, we took a stroll down Knightsbridge at night.  No sleep for the wicked…
You can find them here!
Let me know how you liked it, I would be very happy to hear read! xx

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  1. I do feel like I need to try thiS... LAMB TAGINE. Cute outfit BTW!

  2. the second last pic is very sexy

  3. I have been and the food was amazing and very filling. The decor was stunning and the atmosphere was nice and relaxed. You forget how long you have been in the restaurant because you are in a world of your own enjoying the food and company. Will definitely go back!

    1. Indeed, the portions are very generous and because it is so delicious it's hard to stop! Thank you so much for sharing! xx


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