Saturday, 15 December 2012

Paris, Day 2

As it is often with us, we woke up late. Snuggled in bed while waiting for our Jacuzzi to fill, and then jumped in for a quick refreshing splash.
By the time we wiggled out it was time for brunch, and as we were slightly hungover from the night before we went to O’Neil’s for a massive homemade burger. It was just what the doctor ordered. 

Homemade Terrine

Recharged and energised we hopped over to Pierre Hermé to grab a few sweet macarons for a picnic by Notre Damme. We love sitting outside in fresh air, people watching and chattering away. The weather was perfect, slightly moody so the Grand Notre Damme looked even more attractive.

Obviously I am not very grown up

When our fingers started feeling icy we decided it was time to head over to Musee Carnavalet for the afternoon. Indulging in the history of Paris was absolutely blissful. You may remember I am really into medieval at the moment  - Game of Thrones is my lullaby almost every night, so this was a perfect little escape to the past for me. I found it very interesting taking myself back to the times and seeing how many wonderful things started.

The building 'Palace' was someone's house back then. 
How trading worked, there were no shops.
Real life Scarface

A good few hours later when it got dark and we were all cultured out, it was time for dinner. We took a romantic route of boutiques and little art galleries to get to our restaurant - window shopping is my favorite; easy on the wallet but still satisfying. We managed to sneak in a little coffee and a Pina Colada on the way. 

Modern Art

This time we chose something more simple and more traditional French – Le Grand Cafe Capucines - I absolutely loved it. We couldn’t deny another few glasses of bubbly and wine while we scoffed down our delicious food.

Hearty 'Grandma's Chicken Stew'
Eurostar didn’t know we just rolled out of a restaurant groaning but happy, and gave us  food...

Then it was time to go home. Eurostar didn’t know we just rolled out of a restaurant groaning but happy, and gave us some more to eat, which Rob couldn’t resist and I did my best to eat as well but just had absolutely no more room left for it.
Paris was magical, as always.


  1. Beautiful trip I am so jealous xxx

  2. You did so much in two days! Love the cultural day you had on this day :-) I haven't been to Carnavalet museum, you made me want to go!! XOXO


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