Tuesday, 11 September 2012

#London 2012

This year, London experienced a really important event, which will be a huge part of history. We saw the Paralympic closing ceremony on Sunday night, which meant a goodbye to the stadium as we know it. I have documented a few moments through my lens over the last couple of months and thought it would be lovely to share them with you, especially if you're across the pond and didn't get a chance to visit this summer/year. The images are from random places in London and might not relate to each other?

This is how handsome London looked in 2012 -


  1. It's so nice to see London and how it looks, wish I could come to visit. Thank you for this post, amazing photos. L xx

    1. I think everyone should come to London in summer, as below Anon suggests and I agree - you can't beat it. xx

  2. Hi, really great photo's :) and great blog too...am now following x


  3. London in the summertime! You can't beat it :)


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